Web Reporting with WebSpy Vantage

What is WebSpy Vantage?

WebSpy Vantage is a web reporting tool that automates the process of importing log data from over 200 common network devices, transforming it into useful information, and securely delivering meaningful reports to the right person.

How can Vantage help you?

Investigate web browsing activity and network issues faster

WebSpy Vantage saves network and system administrators time when reporting on web usage, investigating bandwidth issues, Internet misuse, and other network problems. Don’t trawl through log files. Generate a useful report with the key information you need to know about.

Increase Visibility of Internet Activity

WebSpy Vantage can open your eyes to network behaviour you never knew existed. Our customers are frequently surprised to see activity on sites they thought were blocked, high volumes of unauthenticated traffic, or people using the web inappropriately. Vantage helps you identify and investigate this activity to keep your network happy and healthy.

Save time and off-load reporting

Delegating the responsibility of keeping track of employee productivity down to department mangers, with set-and-forget automated reporting.

Less software, less learning, less maintenance

Don’t mess around with a variety of sub-standard web reporting tools with limited scope and purpose. WebSpy Vantage is a single application for all web reporting requirements. This means you spend less on software maintenance, hardware and administration.

How does it work?


Import log data from over 200 common network devices. Supports:

  • Text log files (from FTP or file share)
  • SQL Log Databases (e.g. Microsoft Forefront TMG)
  • Windows Event Logs

Popular Supported Devices:

Report Screen

Summaries Drilldown

Vantage Ultimate Report Screen
Vantage Ultimate Summaries Drilldown
VU---Report-Screen thumbnail
VU---Summaries-Drilldown thumbnail

Report Templating

Create report “templates” using summarised log fields (summaries), and enriching them with Aliases, Keyword Profiling, and Advanced Calculations (see below).

Define drill down paths, chart options, utilize comprehensive filters and more!

Aliases Screen, Usernames

Aliases Screen, Departments

Aliases Screen, File Extensions

Aliases Screen, Status Codes

Aliases Screen, Subnets

Vantage Ultimate Aliases Screen, Usernames
Vantage Ultimate Aliases Screen, Departments
Vantage Ultimate Aliases Screen, File Extensions
Vantage Ultimate Aliases Screen, Status Codes
Vantage Ultimate Aliases Screen, Subnets
VU---Aliases-Screen-(Usernames) thumbnail
VU---Aliases-Screen-(Departments) thumbnail
VU---Aliases-Screen-(File-Extensions) thumbnail
VU---Aliases-Screen-(Status-Codes) thumbnail
VU---Aliases-Screen-(Subnets) thumbnail


Log data can be ugly. User Agent strings, IP addresses and sAMAccountNames often do not mean much to the people reading your reports. WebSpy Vantage provides a data enrichment layer called Aliases that transforms raw log data into more meaningful information.

  • Display real user names instead of sAMAccountNames
  • Group users into Departments or OUs (via comprehensive AD / LDAP integration)
  • Resolve IPs
  • Transform Event IDs, category IDs etc into human readable names
  • Transform User Agent strings into browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome) or operating systems (Windows 7, Windows 8 etc)
  • Much more…

Keyword Profiling

Vantage Ultimate Keyword Profiles Screen

Profiles-Screen, Sport

Categorize web site URLs, email subject lines, instant message chats and any other logged data using WebSpy Vantage’s customizable keyword profiling technology.

  • Did someone search for jobs at a competitor?
  • Exclude advertising sites from Reports
  • Report on all activity to Adult sites

Advanced Calculations

Vantage Ultimate Reports Screen, Template Customization

Reports Screen, Template Customization

Vantage can estimate individual session times, total or average browsing times, average download size, number of users that accessed a site, first and last time a user browsed in the day and so on.

Publishing a report to the web module with permissions

Web Module Login Page

Publishing a report to the Web Module with Permissions
Vantage Ultimate Web Module Login Page
VU---Publishing-a-report-to-the-Web-Module-with-Permissions thumbnail
VU---Web-Module-Login-Page thumbnail

Report Distribution

Reports can be emailed to the intended recipients, or published to a secure intranet site we call the “Web Module.” Publishing reports to the Web Module allows you to lock down access to potentially confidential information that you do not want ending up in inboxes, dropboxes, mobiles phones etc.

Organization Screen

Vantage Ultimate Web Module, Report Sites, visited by the development department

Vantage Ultimate Organization Screen
Vantage Ultimate Web Module, Report Sites, visited by the development department
VU---Organization-Screen thumbnail
VU---Web-Module---Report-Sites-Visited-by-the-Development-Department thumbnail

Active Directory / LDAP Integration

Vantage learns about your organization with comprehensive LDAP integration. Group users by Departments and OUs, and publish the right report to the right people via the Web Module.


Vantage Ultimate Tasks Screen

Tasks Screen

All functions in WebSpy Vantage, such as importing new log files, getting the latest data from Active Directory, and running or publishing reports can be scheduled at any time. Import data and run reports overnight or on weekends so that your reports are waiting for you in the morning.


Have a lot of log data? No problem. WebSpy Vantage’s multi-processing technology can import your logs and crunch reports faster than any other reporting tool. Reports on a large amount of data will not be instant, but Vantage will put all available system resources to work to produce them as fast as possible.

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