Reporting on Microsoft Forefront TMG

Reporting on Forefront TMG with WebSpy Vantage

Forefront TMG’s largest criticism is reporting. Even with the introduction of User and Site reporting in TMG 2010 SP1, the final reports do not contain the information required to effectively report on network and user activity.

Fortunately WebSpy Vantage, and our latest product TMG Reporter have you covered.

Watch the video below to see a comparison of Forefront TMG 2010′s inbuilt reporting and what can be achieved with WebSpy Vantage.

10 Reasons to Use WebSpy Vantage when Reporting on Microsoft Forefront TMG

WebSpy Vantage is an essential add-on to any Forefront TMG installation for the following reasons:

Useful ‘People’ Reporting

  • Identify how long users spent browsing the web by including columns such as Total browsing time, Average session time and number of sessions in your reports.
  • Determine how productive users are on the web by grouping TMG’s URL Categories into Productive and Unproductive.
  • Show user’s real names and group them to show web activity for entire departments.
  • Easily drill into users to view the sites they accessed or the categories of sites they visited the most.

Useful ‘Site’ Reporting

  • Clean up the Top Sites list by stripping out sub-domains. For example, and simply becomes and
  • Extract search terms entered into search engines such as Google or Bing.
  • Easily drill into the top websites to see who accessed them and when.

Share reports easily

  • View reports in any browser, not just IE!
  • Securely distribute reports to end users or managers via the Vantage Web Module

Report on other devices, not just Forefront TMG

Will you be replacing your Forefront TMG Server before mainstream support ends in 2015? Your investment in WebSpy Vantage will not be wasted as you can import logs and report other products, not just Forefront TMG!

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